Guidestones are adventurous enough to satisfy dedicated lovers of rock, and accessible enough to launch themselves into indie pop stardom with the likes of Sam Roberts or Arcade Fire.”

Jordan Hodgins

About the band

Guidestones recently released a new live video series at Centech for the upcoming single "Keeps me up"   
This new tune has been coined as a song written for late night drives under neon lights. The video series @ Centech includes a second live session for "Paper Thrones" both tunes are set to be released on the upcoming EP coming Fall 2019. 

Founded on good vibes, positivity and a mutual passion for creating music that truly means something. Four musicians from Montreal, Canada come together to create a mix of alternative/indie rock, country and pop.  
Having played the local hard rock circuit for many years twin brothers Ryan and Zander Boudreau (The Fierce) aspired to write music with a fresh direction and sound.   
Enter Vocalist/Guitarist Gabrielle La Rue. A former member of local metal group (God Falls) who felt she had more to offer as an artist. With the first EP written and the group ready to track, the band needed a bass player to complete the sound.   
2018 Bassist Dizzy Velvet (KillaWail, Syzzors, & Emile Bilodeau) was recruited to join the band as a full time member.  

Defining their sound as a fresh mix of alternative/indie rock and pop. Guidestones pay tribute to the 70’s and 80’s while examining the present-day. Released in April 2016, their debut EP “Cut & Run” provided listeners with the first cohesive collection of the band’s work. With recent singles Ground Control and So Sick, Guidestones’ tracks possess radio-friendly appeal, while providing profound opportunities for introspection. As their name implies, Guidestones are dedicated to helping fans navigate a wildly terrifying, yet undeniably beautiful world.


Guidestones’ debut EP Cut & Run, released in April of 2016, is a warming package of good vibes and uplifting rhythms suited for the soundtrack of any teenage drama.”

Keenan Kerr

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